At Wevano Machinery from Emmeloord, customization of machine construction is the standard. Deeply rooted in the agricultural sector and focused on food, non-food and industry. At Wevano, we develop installations with the aim of achieving your business objectives as efficiently as possible. Special construction based on your end result. From dosing bunkers to hedgehog belts and from sorters to box handling. From individual machines to complete production lines. We think in solutions. Since its inception in 2000.

With a team of enthusiastic employees, we work daily on technical solutions for clients all over the world. It starts with a request for help, we will quickly get on with it!

Our credo: what suits you?


Agricultural discipline

We feel at home in the Noordoostpolder. Here in Emmeloord and the surrounding area, hard work on the land, continuous technical development and entrepreneurship are all taught. We understand the challenges farmers face and we see directly around us, among family and friends, which solutions are sought and valued. It is not without reason that we develop complete production lines for seed potatoes, onions, carrots and other bulk products.

We are proud of the dosing bunkers, the pintle belts and box fillers, the sorters, the clod separators and the emptyers. But for each problem, we go back to the drawing board for a tailor-made product. And of course we take all our experience with us.

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Industrial discipline

From the land and the pure product to the transport and processing. It is a logical step for Wevano. Internal transport and traceability are important factors for all those companies in the industry. It is a continuous shift in efficiency to guarantee quality and continuity. Safety, hygiene and maintenance access are essential points of attention.

We have now earned our spurs. Our many years of experience in developing reliable and user-friendly internal transport works to the advantage of our customers. We build systems that can be trusted blindly. Wevano’s delivery program is very extensive. For example, we supply and improve complete reception lines, excavation installations, sorting departments and bunker installations. But more important than the existing installations, we are happy to help with customized solutions.

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Machine and special construction discipline

During the continuous development of internal transport systems for the industrial sector, we are increasingly asked for solutions in the non-food sector. This cross-pollination of knowledge brings all parties further. Experiences are shared and provide innovative solutions outside the box. Here too, the focus is on custom-made machines, on production lines that have efficiency, quality, ergonomics and safety as the most important starting points.

Whether it concerns recycling or bicycles, clothing, bread, cookies, cake, fish, salt or packaging material. At Wevano we dive into the process and together we provide more than a solution that fits.

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