Separating soil, foliage and clods is the basis of the follow-up process.
There are also several options for nebulizing liquid over the product.


This flush-mounted pintle
belt provides perfect
separation of haulm and
loose soil.

  • the perfect machine for separating loose soil and haulm residues in the sorting line
  • standard length 2,000 mm and width of 800 mm,with a choice o fleft or right discharge
  • equipped with a dense belt of tapered pintles 30 mm high and tapering from 10 mm to 5 mm
  • pintles are vulcanised on a thick rubber belt
  • haulm residues and loose soil are removed at the front oft he machine
  • product belt driven by a Van der Graaf drum motor and a idler roller


Effective simple clod
separator machine for
separating clods, up to
6 tonnes/hour.


  • clod separator mounted on solid chassis
  • easy placement of boxes for collection of potatoes  and clods
  • optimised for separation of clods and potatoes in  sizes 28 mm – 35 mm.
  • standard length of 2,200 mm and 800 mm wide
  • steel separation infeed belt 800 mm wide with a  diameter of 250 mm in combination with the 600 mm wide infeed belt, suitable for a capacity of 6 tonnes
  • separation infeed belt and separation roof are easy to adjust from one side


  • length 1,200 mm, width 600 mm and height 800 mm
  • steel separation roller 600 mm wide and 250 mm in diameter
  • infeed conveyor length 600 mm
  • selection valve for direct inspection or separating clods
  • infeed belt to inspection table with length of 800 mm and width of 600 mm


This polisher, available in a variety of
lengths, is equipped with sixteen 800
mm-wide rollers as standard.The
Wevano polisheris aimed atintensive
cleaning of potatoes priorto entering
the inspection table or electronic
grading machine.

  • polisherwith 100 mm roller diameter
  • available in a variety oflengths
  • standard support, adjustable from 800 mm to 1,200 mm
  • option: positioning dust belt under polisher


Complete disinfection machine
made of stainless steelfor
treating potatoes afterthe
inspection table.

  • available in a variety of lengths and width
  • standard 800 mm wide with ten 80 mm stainless steelrollers, gap 15 mm
  • rollers driven by chain transmission with geared motor
  • disinfection set comes with a stainless steel hood as standard,where an existing spray set can be mounted
  • each rolleris equipped with a scraperto keep the rollers clean
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