Reliable machines to sort the product to size with a high capacity.
Sort by square size or camera system with reading option.

JW 1300

Sorting machine for highly accurate
sorting:the decks not only shake but
also make an upwards movement.The
sieving decks are placed diagonally
below each otherto achieve effective
filling across the entire sorting deck.

  • sorting at a maximum capacity of 25 tonnes/hour with even dividing across the 5 decks
  • adjustable shaking and stopping timeensures accurate sorting
  • adjustable stroke frequency
  • sieving decks mounted in Rosta componentsto achieve the right balance in the machine
  • sieves can be changed from one side
  • settings are very easy to adjust and saveusing the touch screen
  • heavy-duty crankshaft systemwith 2connecting rods for proper power distribution
    to the sieving decks
  • option: pneumatic clamping system


The Wevano PU Roller Set Machine can
be used for soilremoval, spreading and

  • variety ofroller coverings: soft PU spiralrollers, PU diabolo sorting rollers and softrubber pintle rollers
  • stainless steel or steel
  • suitable for a variety ofwidths and lengths
  • option: stepless sorting size adjustment


he electronic U-Vision sorting machine
is the result of a collaboration between
Wevano, Inovaa and Uniekum

  • sort up to 11 tonnes per hour by quality and size
    – size adjustable to 0.5 mm
    – excellent clod recognition
  • each potato is assessed from all angles
  • reliable defect recognition:
    – growth cracks   – Rhizoctonia
    – rot                             – greening
    – scab                          – other damage
    – deformation
  • minimal dust formation because compressed air is not required
  • control U-Vision & processing line with 1 screen
  • option: assessment oftrial harvests
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