Wevano offers various solutions for the temporary storage of your product.
For buffering from 100 KG to storage of 40 tons, to be subsequently exported again with the correct flow.


Wevano supplies a wide variety of
custom-made dosing bunkers from
3-4 tonnes to 10-12 tonnes.

  • standard 2,500 mm x 2,500 mm and 2,300 mm high
  • unloading beltin widths ranging from 400 mm to 800 mm, positioned lengthwise or widthwise
  • equipped with a double fall breaker curtain orfall breaker flap
  • fully automatic, electric tipper
  • rotation is only started when the forkliftis out of view
  • during rotation,the tipper stops when the sensor eye sees the product
    and will continue to rotate when the sensor eye is released again
  • driven by a shaft-mounted drive,with heavy-duty transmission box


For buffering during box change
in the sorting line.The volume is
determined by the height at which
the sorting machine is placed.

  • 4 or 5 sections as standard
  • capacity 2.6 m3,1,800 mm width,1,500 mm depth and 1,300 mm height
  • welded bunkerbottom made of 3mm sheet steel
  • 3 mm laser cut and galvanised sheet metal walls
  • unloading beltto box filler 600 – 800 mm wide with fixed speed
  • 2-sided unloading beltfor directinspection frequency controlled
  • exit with rubber flap and height-adjustable passage for extra dosing
  • fold-away fall breaker sets equipped with rubber cloths


Specifically tailored for each
customerto up to 3,500 mm
wide. Slidegate bunkerlength
and height are variable.

  • available in 2 versions: single-sided unloading and double-sided unloading
  • slidegates are very easy to operate with simple handle system
  • dosing height slidegate steplessly adjustable with rotary knob
  • welded bunkerbottom made of 3 mm sheet steel
  • laser cut and folded galvanised 3 mm sheet metal extensions
  • fall breaker flaps with rubber flaps, based on bunker height
  • bunker unloading belts, various lengths equipped with a Van der Graaf drum motor
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