Decent conveyor belts to move the product.
Always customer-specific in width, length and tailored to the application.


Wevano conveyor belts are made to any
desired size.

  • driven by a Van der Graaf drum motor
  • PVC and rubber belt covers
  • with or without steering belt
  • custom-made support
  • galvanised 2 mm sheet metal extensions
  • option: roller support


Robust belt with 3 to 5 tracks 400 mm
with exits. Manually operated flaps to
join tracks back together

  • left/right unloading
  • 215 mm Van der Graaf drum motor
  • thick rubber conveyor
  • custom-made support
  • option: pneumatic controls


Vertical conveyorto an angle of 52
degrees, equipped with an nose-over
kink.With this,the productis placed on
the next coveyormore gently.The
elevatoris available in a variety of
lengths and widths and can be
adjusted for high and lowcapacity.

  • PVC coveyor with cleats
  • driven by a Van der Graaf drum motor
  • custom-made supports
  • custom-made infeed hopper
  • extensions made of galvanised 2 mm sheet metal
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