Dry cleaning

Separating, in particular, metals, soil, clods and haulms from product flows provides efficiency in all subsequent process steps. Dry separation has so far been the most economical way. Wevano builds compact systems as separate machines in new and existing situations.

Solution for dry cleaning:

  • Permanent magnet solutions
  • Magnetic conveyor with explosion protection
  • Separate large parts
  • Dry desoiling machines:
    • axial-cleaner
    • sievebelt conveyor
    • Roller desoiler
    • element roller-desoiler (spiral, spring coil, diabolo, Porcupine, finger, star, smooth)
  • Haulm separator machines:
    • incline open porcupine conveyor
    • downwards open porcupine conveyor
    • automatic incline adjustment
  • Optical system integration

Features of a Wevano dry cleaning systems:

  • innovative
  • varying capacities from 15 to 120t/u
  • product friendly
  • good maintenance access
  • innovations of optical separation machines

We would be happy to discuss a suitable solution for your situation.

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