Precise sorting of bulk flow is the way to efficiently carry out the right process steps per sorting fraction. Wevano offers sorting solutions and a complete layout for seed potatoes, table potatoes, industrial potatoes, onions and other tubers. Wevano offers sorting methods by square size or diameter.

Solutions for sorting:

  • Shaking square size grading machines from 20 tot 100t/h
  • variation in 3 to 5 sorting decks, if needed, with pre-grading step.
  • variable shaking frequency
  • sievecleaner
  • sorting sieves with or without rubber/Pu covering


  • Roller sorter by diameter:
  • PU rollerset with various types elements (spiral, diabolo, Porcupine, finger, star, smooth)
  • stepless adjustment in specific reach
  • 4 till 10 rollers in various widths


  • Optical sorting:
    Wevano is busy developing a camera sorting machine which is currently being developed in the seed potato sector.


  • Implementation product profile measuring systems
  • Length sorting

Features of Wevano sorting systems:

  • product friendly
  • quick sieve exchange systems
  • good maintenance access
  • innovations of optical sorting machines

We would be happy to discuss a suitable solution for your situation.

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