Bunkers are the smart solution for product storage during the process steps of a production line. The supply of the follow-up route can be regulated with a correct and constant flow. Storage of almost all bulk goods is possible. Filling of warehouses or waste storage requires a different approach, which Wevano also offers in any suitable form.

Solutions for storage:

  • Standalone bunkers van 3 tot 150 ton
  • Bunker assembly with connected bunkers
    • Carbon steel,, Hybrid (combination of carbon steel and, en plastic materials


  • Filling the bunker:
    • point filling with fall breaker tower
    • moving conveyor with fall breaker tower
    • traverse with downwards conveyor filling
    • skewed filling conveyor


  • Various options for fans
  • Warehouse filling systems
  • Trench silo filling systems

Features of Wevano storages:

  • Solid bunkers in every shape and size
  • ergonomic access solutions
  • good maintenance access
  • product output for any type of product
  • reduction of supports to the floor

We would be happy to discuss a suitable solution for your situation.

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