Unloading lines

Wevano is specialized in the design and production of any method of unloading such as:  belt trailers, walking floor trailers, kippers as well as boxes and Big-Bags.

Product-friendliness in combination with capacity require efficient solutions. Wevano offers these for large and small processing companies. Extra attention is paid to leak-free transitions and solutions for the capture of dust and soil, so that clean-up movements are minimized.

Solutions for unloading:

  • Collection conveyor flexibly hung
  • unloading conveyor with collision protection
  • Receiving hopper with flow control
  • trailer access platforms
  • Big-Bags tipper–> AGR
  • Box tipper –> AGR

Features of a Wevano reception area:

  • clear lay-out
  • varying capacities from 15 to 120t/u
  • leak free take-overs
  • ergonomic walking routes
  • extra attention to cleaning up leaking soil

We would be happy to discuss a suitable solution for your situation.

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