Waste streams

Wevano pays extra attention to the waste flows that are released during dry cleaning, sorting and washing. Wevano handles disposal routes and storage of the waste efficiently. Processing and separation is an emerging question to be able to discharge the various flows as cleanly as possible. Wevano offers various options for these issues.

Solutions for waste streams:

  • Solid conveyor belts
  • Bunkers with unloading valves for soil, sand, stones and/or organic material. Capacity from 8 to 18m3.
  • Wheelcrusher (Crush bulb and tuber crops in the ground stream)
  • Waste separators:
  • Organic material from soil stream
  • Organic material from stones/clod flow

Features of Wevano waste systems:

  • Smart and solid
  • extra attention to leak and spill points

We would be happy to discuss a suitable solution for your situation.

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